vendredi 10 avril 2015

Forcing a young man to become a cuckold ...

Scene 1:
Miss k on her sexy outfit with a plunging neckline sits on a bar alone as a young man came up to her and introduces himself as john, as they both get to know each other miss k notices that john takes a peek secretly on her boobs, she just ignores him and continued small talk but deep in her mind is saying silently "i shall punish this bitch tonight"

As the night is getting late john offers miss k a ride home.
Upon arriving, miss k asked john "would you like to come in for a nightcap"
"Sure" john says

Scene 2:
Miss k: why wont u take a shower as i prepare our drinks
John: sure

As john steps in the shower, miss k slips something in johns drink to make him fall asleep.

John comes out of the shower and miss k hands him his drink "here you go, cheers she says"

"Thanks john replied... After a few minutes john gets drowsy and collapsed on the floor,

Miss k takes advantage of the naked john coming out from the shower and bondaged him up with a gag... After which she then wakes him up using a zapper(electric play)

John wakes up and is shocked.... ,miss k continues to zap him as john slowly starts to weep and scared... And miss then utters the words whispering in john's ear

Missk: you want me right? If you really want me then you'll do everything i want you to then maybe just maybe ill let you have me and set you free"

John terrified just nods not knowing whats he is in for.

So miss k continues to zap john and ,light spanking as he is immobile and couldn't do anything about it.

She then shows him a dildo, and says i'm gonna take you...

So she starts fucking john in the ass as the little bitch moans and tries to scream in pain

After she is satisfied she took a butt plug and shove it in his ass to keep it open.

She then proceeds to make a phone call to her bull asking him to come join them... As the bull arrived

John is stunned on whats going on.... Miss k then takes off his gag and says, this here is your reward.... Now make my pussy wet....
As john goes near to miss k about to lick her miss k says "no no no" you know how to get me wet?

U suck him as i watch u get him hard

John refuses so miss k zaps him and slaps and spanks him until john couldn't take the pain and agreed to do so...

When the bull was hard miss k then ties john up again gagged him up and proceeds to have steamy sex with his bull... After the bull came

Miss k asks john to clean both of them up using his mouth then proceeds to asking the bull to take him....

This went on all night long until they got fed up of him and put him in the shower and peed on him for his reward....


Written for me by one of my adventurous kinkster friend.Some scenes were used in my latest real time session .

FORCED CUCKOLDING SESSION : met a young man the other night -- had a drink with him bk at hotel -- while he was drunk and asleep, I cuffed & blindfolded him . Woke him up with my zapper (electro wand) then called my young lover to join us in hotel room . Ask dwarfydicky to make me wet by letting me watch him make my lover's cock hard for me . Me and my loverboy had a great fuck that night while tiny dicklet was allowed to watch the whole time .To finished it off , I let "1st timer young cucky" do the cleaning after :)

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