vendredi 10 avril 2015

Forcing a young man to become a cuckold ...

Scene 1:
Miss k on her sexy outfit with a plunging neckline sits on a bar alone as a young man came up to her and introduces himself as john, as they both get to know each other miss k notices that john takes a peek secretly on her boobs, she just ignores him and continued small talk but deep in her mind is saying silently "i shall punish this bitch tonight"

As the night is getting late john offers miss k a ride home.
Upon arriving, miss k asked john "would you like to come in for a nightcap"
"Sure" john says

Scene 2:
Miss k: why wont u take a shower as i prepare our drinks
John: sure

As john steps in the shower, miss k slips something in johns drink to make him fall asleep.

John comes out of the shower and miss k hands him his drink "here you go, cheers she says"

"Thanks john replied... After a few minutes john gets drowsy and collapsed on the floor,

Miss k takes advantage of the naked john coming out from the shower and bondaged him up with a gag... After which she then wakes him up using a zapper(electric play)

John wakes up and is shocked.... ,miss k continues to zap him as john slowly starts to weep and scared... And miss then utters the words whispering in john's ear

Missk: you want me right? If you really want me then you'll do everything i want you to then maybe just maybe ill let you have me and set you free"

John terrified just nods not knowing whats he is in for.

So miss k continues to zap john and ,light spanking as he is immobile and couldn't do anything about it.

She then shows him a dildo, and says i'm gonna take you...

So she starts fucking john in the ass as the little bitch moans and tries to scream in pain

After she is satisfied she took a butt plug and shove it in his ass to keep it open.

She then proceeds to make a phone call to her bull asking him to come join them... As the bull arrived

John is stunned on whats going on.... Miss k then takes off his gag and says, this here is your reward.... Now make my pussy wet....
As john goes near to miss k about to lick her miss k says "no no no" you know how to get me wet?

U suck him as i watch u get him hard

John refuses so miss k zaps him and slaps and spanks him until john couldn't take the pain and agreed to do so...

When the bull was hard miss k then ties john up again gagged him up and proceeds to have steamy sex with his bull... After the bull came

Miss k asks john to clean both of them up using his mouth then proceeds to asking the bull to take him....

This went on all night long until they got fed up of him and put him in the shower and peed on him for his reward....


Written for me by one of my adventurous kinkster friend.Some scenes were used in my latest real time session .

FORCED CUCKOLDING SESSION : met a young man the other night -- had a drink with him bk at hotel -- while he was drunk and asleep, I cuffed & blindfolded him . Woke him up with my zapper (electro wand) then called my young lover to join us in hotel room . Ask dwarfydicky to make me wet by letting me watch him make my lover's cock hard for me . Me and my loverboy had a great fuck that night while tiny dicklet was allowed to watch the whole time .To finished it off , I let "1st timer young cucky" do the cleaning after :)

dimanche 15 février 2015

Writings of a Cuckold Hubby "wannabe" ....

My wife

     It only took one meeting and I became the chpb husband to Miss K and I am husband only in name a slave is a better word for me now.  All day my wife has had me following her (always two steps behind her) as we shopped for new cloths for her. She had a new date to night the third this week and was very excited. I was very uncomfortable the little frilly panties she made me wear were uncomfortable, my clit was locked up and it was hard keeping in my latest but plug all day. I was thankful she let me wear jeans to cover up my dark stockings and suspenders. I think the shop keepers knew I was nothing to her as I waited for instructions to pay. And when she used my name it was Ronnie and always been called by that name when its time to pay .

     That evening I helped her dress, she knew she looked so beautiful so sexy but always asked me as she paraded in front of the mirror. At last Im done with  her new shoes on my knees and kissed her feet. She was ready.  I could not hide the tears in my eyes and this only made my wife happier to see my pain driven because I loved her so much, and was powerless to prevent her from doing as she pleased.  "I will be very late tonight do you want a little pill to help you sleep pussyboy? " . My wife did not show this much kindness very often and I was very grateful she was showing pity on me.
Please I begged her. ( I never got anything unless I begged) even my food scraps from her meals I had to beg for. I loved her so much. Why did she have such power over me?

     Taking the little white sleeping pill from her bag she teased me with it for a time and when she could see I was so desperate for it, my beautiful wife dropped it on the floor. I knew I must lick it up and as I reached for it with my tongue , my wife crushed it under her new sexy high heels laughing at my crying out in despair. There would be no sleep for me tonight. As my wife walked to the door I crawled after her begging her for mercy that only made her happier. "Enjoy your night worm because you know I will. When me and my lover return, be sure you have a cold beer ready for him and a glass of wine for me,  be on your knees! Stay in you lovely maid uniform and heals you little wanker..... I want my lover to see you in your true state. And use the good lipstick I got you, not the cheap one,  I don’t want it all over his cock!"

     She turned and walked out the door, I was crying sobbing like a baby now. The sound of her heels walking away only crushed me further under her spell. I went back to work cleaning the house. Making sure everything was how she liked it upon her return, my feet hurt so much in my heels but the pain reminded me of my beautiful wife and my position in her life. I started to cry again.

Home coming

      I received the text from my wife, "we have a guest for dinner, 3 courses ,make it nice, he is special to me". The house was spotless my wife had made me buy it over a month ago, everything was in her name. How could she do this to me? My feet were killing me now I was in my maid uniform almost 24/7 and over the last 6 months my wife had progressed me in to 6 in heals. I would never get used to them. Still I was excited she was coming home she had just flown to Singapore for three days of shopping. I smiled if I made something nice and pleased her maybe she would release me and I could masturbate. The thought of seeing her and getting relief made me even more excited to see her home.

     A second Text. "Put on your padded bra and pretty yourself up a bit". so I shaved my legs and pussy again put on my best stockings the ones with the line down the back and them bloody high heals I set to work.

     She is a great beauty my wife coming in through the door she always takes my breath away, even more so with the handsome young man on her arm almost half her age. I could see at once he was under her spell and besotted by her beauty. Sitting on the lounge I carried over there drinks and snacks wine for her beer for him. The young man could not keep his hands off my wife running his hands over her great legs and kissing her tits, the tears grew in my eyes. But I could say nothing. This was my fate for marrying such a beautiful women as Miss K.

     I served them they meal and they talked about the great weekend they had had and how they enjoyed fucking each other to orgasms. My wife made me show the young lover the reason I was locked up, and could never have her, she joked I was that small that my chastity cage had to be made special. "Cost me a fortune to keep that little wanker locked up" she laugh. My wife told me to get my bowl and I put there table scraps in. Miss K then spat in my bowl, I carried it to the corner and on my knees started to eat my supper. I cleaned up the dishes got them more drinks and waited.

    "Did you finish the cage I told you to build wanker? " my wife asked. "Yes my love", I told her. "Show me".  I removed the sheet from the cage in the corner and it was a beauty strong with no hope of escape my wife looked impressed and patted my head, " good boy.. get in! ".Locked in my cage they started to make love, even I must admit he was very good and my wife looked in heaven taken all of his big strong cock over and over. She must have cum 3 times and him 5.  I just watched from my cage. By now I was used to men fucking my wife although the pain and torment was for ever worse, what helped me endure this torcher was the hope I would be permitted to beg for my masturbation.

     Exhausted my wife told the young man to let me out. I crawled out and over to her she opened her beautiful legs holding my hair she pulled me in to her wet pussy and I went to work cleaning the cum from my wife. I know I had to make her cum again or I would stay locked up. My beautiful wife road my face like she was on a bucking horse. At times it was hard to breath. After she had come she said the words I hate so much. "Now my lover"!                                               

     Of course I obey her once and once her lover was hard it was very hard because he was so big as I struggled with the size of the thing my wife said "oh my you are going to be in real trouble when he fucks you aren’t you? My wife put on my collar and lead and walked over to the lounge and sat down dragging me with her. Crossing her great legs I too was under her spell.
"Pull your panties down pusssy and beg my lover  to fuck you"  Lift up your dress and wiggle your ass for him"! 
     "I don’t want to fuck some old guy " her lover protested. "That’s ok,  then just  leave but don’t ever come back! my wife said to her lover . "What? said the lover "if I don’t fuck him you wont ever see me again? My wife just smiled at him.

     I could hear him taking his paints back of and as his hands touched my ass my wife pulled on my lead and our faces were very close she smiled at me." I have you now its time for your first real cock"! He drove in to me under my wife instructions. He was big and the pain was worse than anything I had felt before. My wife was in heaven! It took a full half an hour for him to completely enter me. And I was sobbing like a child. After my wife's lover had cum I then had to suck him clean. I did everything I was told that night but my wife would not release my little clit. All I got was put back in my cage and given a vibrator to stick up my ass.

     My wife slapped my face and told me I was an ungrateful little slut for not coming when her lover fucked me. And now I would stay locked up until I learnt to cum by being taken up the ass.
I watch as she took her lover back to bed. My bed, and cried but started madly fucking myself.
I had to please my wife and show her I could cum by being fucked. It would please her and that’s what I live for.

Cock hold husband

     If anyone would have told me I would be a cockold husband a complete slave to my unfaithful wife I would have called them crazy.

     It really happened so fast once I meet my wife for the first time. I met her for the first time in manila and everything well slow at first we spent the weekend getting to know each other, out to dinner to the movies and a few tourist spots and lots of talking. But no sex. Feeling each other’s boundaries’.

     I was very attracted to her and we decide to take it to the next step. Me to submit to her and her to train me as a submissive. She seemed so nice over the last few days and I had full trust in her.
We went up to our hotel room and Miss K sat down and crossed her beautiful legs. Taking a sip of her Champaine. She ordered me to strip. I was so excited I had never been in the room with such a beautiful women. she took me to such heights of pleasure and a little pain. Toying with me working me , driving me crazy. Teasing my virginity touching my cherry she called it.

     When mistress could see I was lost in passion she handed me the contract and asked if I still wanted to be her cockold husband. I could not sign it fast enough. She smiled kissed me gently and said "now you must understand if you do not obey me you must know how I will punish you".

     I had already signed the contract I had to obey. I was gagged, hog tied but plugged and locked in a chastity cage and spredder bars. Then I was beaten until I cried then beaten more until I was broken. I did not know it at the time but that was the point she had me. I was afraid of her power. I think it was the comforting afterwards that broke me I think as she held me in her strong arms softly talking to me. Telling me it would be alright if I kept my promise and just obeyed her every command. I knew from that moment on I would.

    Leaving me still tied up she made a phone call. Speaking in to the phone my future wife and owner said. "You can come up now lover he is ready".  A good looking much younger man than myself come in to our hotel room then they made love for hours as if I was not even there. When they had at last finished I cleaned them both my tongue. I had never touched a man before and I was horrified but it had to be better than her whip I obeyed with out question. It was at that point I felt the fear of not obeying her for the first time. But I craved her kind words if I pleased her. Yes I was already broken. I still did not put it all together I was lost to this beautiful woman. I soon did.
     The weeks that followed I spend most of my time cooking and cleaning. I was made to buy a house for my future wife. I lost control of the bank accounts and she took my mobile phone. I could not believe the amount of young men she could take in a day her best was 5 but I soon lost count of her many lovers.

     It was a very strange feeling, loving a beautiful woman with all your heart. And her taking other men. I wanted out but how? I had no money no phone nothing. Then one day I got an email to my younger brother in Australia come and save me please. We were never super close I was 5 years older than him but I think he looked up to me he would come. I was sure.

     It was about five days when my brother rolled up at our house; his timing was bad I was in the cage for punishment in the back room. so my brother and my future wife had time to talk. I could hear her talking to him. I could not understand the words but I know that seductive tone anywhere. Then my deepest fear come true she was fucking him. After what seemed like hours I heard her say "so do you still want to see you bother"? "Ha ha" I heard him say " I have come this far show me the cunt". They walked in to the room I was caged in hand in hand laughing. She had turned and charmed him so easy. "Well look at you brother. You don’t look much like the big brother now always pushing me around do you? You look like a slave future husband to me".
     I wanted to speak but I was gagged. I tried a pleading look begging my younger brother to save me. "Do you want him to suck you off before you go?  Miss K laughed.  "Oh that’s tempting but I must go maybe next time" As my last hope for freedom walked out the door he looked back at me, "Don’t worry brother when I get back to Australia I tell the family you are well, just a little tied up at the moment in the Philippines"

     That night I received a terrible beating and was set to work. My wedding day come so soon. I loved this woman so much but my life was hell but I could not take her beatings I accepted my fate as a cuckold husband for life. When The church service was over we went back to my wife’s new house for the reception.

     "No work for you on our wedding day pussy boy" so I was tied up bent over and my wife invited everyone to help themselves they could bash me fuck me or have me go down on them.
My now wife did force me to suck a few lovers hard for her and clean them up afterwards. It must have been about 2 in the morning before someone said "hey, should not cuckold pussyboy here consummate the marriage?? My wife’s face went white "What ??? fuck that dog that little thing you gotta be joking"!  "You should"!  others advised her. Part in truth and part in being drunk, and wanting more entertainment. Then my wife smiled "ha ha ok it will be good with so many witnesses, turn him over and hold him down".

     My wife got some fat old women I had not seen before to start getting me hard, it was a terrible looking women but I had not been hard for so long and with my wife words in my ears and the thought of having her, I was hard in no time. I was so close to cumming and just before I came, my new wife lowered herself on me. I could not feel her and she laughed she had no chance of feeling me my little clit inside her. But I cummed  at once. Marriage consummated in 8 seconds. Every one laughs as my wife lowered herself over my mouth and I cleaned her she was holding much more cum then I had given her. At the same time I felt the cage going back on my little clit.
My life as a true cockold had truly begun.

dimanche 25 janvier 2015

Miss K - from loving alipin's view


On the canvas of this world,
Many pictures are being painted,
Some of the ocean, some of the sea,
But none more beautiful than to look at she.

Her beautifully flowing hair,
Is like the beauty of a calm flowing stream,
Which is unmatched by anything,
Even the beauty of a diamond ring.

The glimmer in her eyes,
Are like the radiance of two diamonds,
That shine oh so bright,
To make a dark day fill with beams of light.

By loving_slave (loving_alipin)

dimanche 18 janvier 2015

Because the Passion is submission

"I submit myself to this permanent beauty, me; this Esthetical. I give my life to adore this beauty and all gives me somewhere
 submissive to her curves, her aspect, The Beauty is at the flower, like the flower is at the Woman. All is picturing at the Feminime
and myself; the Male in his less attires, I exorcise my submission, whispering Epicure's pamphlets and Freudian Accounts... 
My libido awakes itself. It is so delicious to find the exctasy!!!"

extrait of "Confession of a Man Kneeled Down"
By Laurent Lebeau 

Welcome into my World where your Submission and your total devotion will be my gift
 Ms K