dimanche 25 janvier 2015

Miss K - from loving alipin's view


On the canvas of this world,
Many pictures are being painted,
Some of the ocean, some of the sea,
But none more beautiful than to look at she.

Her beautifully flowing hair,
Is like the beauty of a calm flowing stream,
Which is unmatched by anything,
Even the beauty of a diamond ring.

The glimmer in her eyes,
Are like the radiance of two diamonds,
That shine oh so bright,
To make a dark day fill with beams of light.

By loving_slave (loving_alipin)

dimanche 18 janvier 2015

Because the Passion is submission

"I submit myself to this permanent beauty, me; this Esthetical. I give my life to adore this beauty and all gives me somewhere
 submissive to her curves, her aspect, The Beauty is at the flower, like the flower is at the Woman. All is picturing at the Feminime
and myself; the Male in his less attires, I exorcise my submission, whispering Epicure's pamphlets and Freudian Accounts... 
My libido awakes itself. It is so delicious to find the exctasy!!!"

extrait of "Confession of a Man Kneeled Down"
By Laurent Lebeau 

Welcome into my World where your Submission and your total devotion will be my gift
 Ms K